1. The Stone
    Hideo Yamaki & Bill Laswell

  2. Bass Culture EP
    Bill Laswell

  3. Funkcronomic
    Bill Laswell/Bernie Worrell/Karsh Kale

  4. House of God (version)
    Lee "Scratch" Perry

  5. Weeping Willow (feat. Tunde Adebimpe)
    Lee "Scratch" Perry

  6. Elevation: The Upper Air
    Bernie Worrell

  7. Rise Again
    Lee "Scratch" Perry

  8. Dub Arcanum Arcandrum
    Method of Defiance

  9. The Process
    Jon Batiste, Chad Smith & Bill Laswell

  10. Dubopera EP
    Bill Laswell & Masahiro Shimba

  11. Samba de Merde
    Jean Touitou

  12. On Brion Gysin EP
    Bill Laswell & Ira Cohen

  13. Untaken Path
    Hideo Yamaki & Bill Laswell

  14. Realm I
    Barton Rage & Bill Laswell

  15. Sound Virus

  16. Hu Vibrational Presents the Epic Botanical Beat Suite
    Hu Vibrational

  17. Lost Nations (Reconstruction & mix translation by Bill Laswell)

  18. Bilmawn (Little Village)
    Bill Laswell

  19. I Colored It In For You EP

  20. Kaigarabushi (Bill Laswell remix)
    Akira Sakata

  21. Rhythm Matter
    Marter & Yony

  22. Phantom Sound Clash Cut-Up Method: One
    Method of Defiance

  23. Phantom Sound Clash Cut-Up Method: Two
    Bernie Worrell

  24. In Times of Horror

  25. Shuen
    Bill Laswell & DJ Krush

  26. The Stone - April 22, 2014
    Milford Graves/Bill Laswell

  27. The Stone - April 22, 2014
    Wadada Leo Smith/Bill Laswell

  28. Helio Parallax, Part I
    Helio Parallax

  29. Nahariama
    Method of Defiance

  30. Ertale

  31. Tuwaqachi
    Bill Laswell

  32. Survive
    Garrison Hawk

  33. Profanation: Preparation For a Coming Darkness

  34. Mesgana Ethiopia
    Gigi w/ Material

  35. Incunabula
    Method of Defiance

  36. Jahbulon
    Method of Defiance


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